The Trees And The Flowers Poem

                                         Teagan & Maddie 


             The snapdragon.


On my way home I saw  a snapdragon. It was the most pointy plant I had ever seen. It had long pointed  leaves and thorns on the leaves and red poison on the end of the leaf. The soil was black . 



                   The honey tree  


The honey tree has squishy sticky runny honey for the leaves and hard candy syrup that form the branches. The bees make the honey for the leaves and on the stem are strawberry laces. The bees do get mad at  the strawberry laces sometimes  because they’re not made of honey and syrup . 


                  The lemon tree 


The lemon tree has lemons dangling from the leaves and juicy roots , The lemon tree holds lemon flavored sweets so you can go and grab 

Some when you’re hungry for lemons.


                 The snow flower 


The snow flower is the most beautiful flower in the world the snow flower has white petals and has snow cones for roots and stems  

The snow flower can give you snow cones when you ask for some .



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