What are……. by MM- Bishops Cannings

What are loud? A whale’s huge splash into the ocean, a baby’s cries and a plate shattering on the ground.

What are quiet? Snowflakes falling, an enjoyable dream and exciting thoughts.

What are hard? A big rock, long division songs and trains curvy tracks.

What are soft? Steamy melted butter, my dog Jessie’s fur and a petal slowly falling.

What are hot? An emerald green dragon’s breath, water that has just came out of a kettle and a heated argument between 2 people.

What are cold? Ice sliding down your back, a snowman’s heart and ice-cream that had just come out the freezer.

What are heavy? An elephant’s foot, guilt and broken confidence.

What are light? A wedding ring, pride, and a piece of paper.

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