What are …? by RoSt – Bishops Cannings

What is…

What is heavy? A big blue whale, a huge green truck and a tall tree in the woods.

What is light? A feather from a pigeon, a piece of string from a scarf and a leaf from my oak tree.

What is hot? The stove top in my kitchen, the big, bright sun and burning hot lava in a volcano.

What is cold? Ice in the freezer, snow in the winter and rain in the morning.

What is small? A baby bird sat in a tree, the Grinch’s heart and ant.

What is silent? An ant’s small foot pattering on the ground, thoughts and snowflakes falling in soft snow.

What is loud? A chair scraping on the floor, a cockerel in the morning and a metal bottle being dropped on the floor.

What is shiny? A bubble, a clean car and window in the sun.


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