What is…? by EF-Bishops Canning’s

What are…?

What is mysterious? A lonely man walking down an ally-way observing you from afar.

What is sad? A hungry baby crying for its food.

What is a pain? An annoying person sat next to you every day irritating you every second of EVERY day.

What is stressful? A person in an elevator bragging about her ‘perfect life.’

What is happy? When it’s your birthday and your friend pops up out of nowhere and you have a great day

What is relieving? When you have had a long day at work and when you get home you have a nice relaxing bath.

What is heavy? When you get into big trouble and now you have a weight on your shoulders.

What is hot? When your mum runs a bath for you and it is steaming scorching.

What is cold? When you take a trip to Antarctica.

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