What are kind?

A class mate keeping you company when your friends are at a music lesson and when your best friend give you a welcome back hug.


What are cruel?

When your other friends get invited to a sleepover and you don’t, when you have a birthday party and you invite the whole class except for a boy.


What are excited?

A toddler tiger sprinting over the yard with her new rainbow collar or me when it is my party in two days and I need to plan.


What are strong?

A snail holding his house with its pet fish inside or a war hero returning home after the Second World War trying not to cry.


What are cold?

When your family dumps you on the road when you are only 5 years old, when it snows and you go outside wearing short sleeves, shorts and sandals.


What are calm?

The trees blowing by as the wind floats softly next to me or yoga easy exercises with calm music spreading into my ears.

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