As fluffy as a cloud

What are Heavy?

A broken heart when you find out you are poor with 1p in your bank account and the dull, shivery feeling on a stormy night.


what are light?

A little kitten [as soft as a candy cloud] snoozing on my rainbow blanket snuggling on my lap and a friend at school explaining how kind I’ve been to them that brake [and I felt happy.]


What are happy?

A friend playing with me at brace who I have know for 6 years and my mum, dad giving me hugs after school.


What are sad?

A person you are related to caches coved [a kitten or a cat can get coved] and if you are on holiday the person that looks after your pet dissent keep them safe.


What are silent?

A quiet class working in the maths lesson and a mouse trying to escape from a hungry cat about to pounce on it.


What are loud?

A playground full of loud children and strictly come dancing on the tv at fool volume.

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