Seeking the Words

What are hot?

An erupting volcano spewing lava and molten rock, the sunny side of Mercury and sizzling sausages in a frying pan.

What are cold?

The North side of Antarctica, a long icicle dangling from the drain on freezing cold winter morning and the far side of Neptune at the end of our Solar System.

What are heavy?

An anvil falling a 1000 feet, a large body of water and giant bag of bricks at a construction site.

What are light?

A hyena’s hair that has been shed while chasing its prey, a piece of paper floating to the ground and a little ant scuttling up my arm.

What are dark?

The deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, the shadow of Big Ben lying on the streets of London and the point of the power cut on the Titanic.

What are light?

The sun sending its rays gleaming over the Earth, the light of stars making constellations in the night sky and a torch under the covers seeking the words of a book after lights out.

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