The Baby Elephant


What are crazy?

A young elephant with bundles of energy leaping up and down in yucky puddles like Peppa pig, excitement when you get told you can go to Pony Club.


What are calm?

A little dappled grey pony after a full day of riding , a little girl past her bedtime and an owl after a full night of hunting.


What are kind?

A lovely little girl that has just rescued a bunny and the feeling when you have been generous by letting someone borrow your toy.


What are cruel?

A man with his jet black gun going to poach a bear and a fat cat with his claws going hunting chickens.


What are shiny?

A diamond after being dug out of the earth and washed with soap and a sparkly sequin pencil case.


What are dull?

A card board box with rubbish in it, a poor man after loosing his dog trying to sleep and a plain book cover when no one has read it.


What are fragile?

A new born baby, the Queen and a 1000 year old jar of marmalade.


What are strong?

An old oak tree in the night, a mountain covered in rocks and snow and a bond with my Welsh mountain pony.




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