The beauty of nature

The nightshade flower was speckled in the field,

Its crimson- red petals were outliined with the faintest line of ebony- black,

They were stooping down to bow to their lush – green stems,

The dagger like thorns on the stem pierced the petals.


The rose’s petals were blood – red,

It was as smooth and soft as silk,

It crumbled away at the lightest touch,

As though it was as britttle as glass.


The fir tree towered over me like a skyscraper,

It was a cold, porridge grey,

But it moved down to a chocolate – brown,

Up above, its bare branches stuck out like arms.


The snapdragon snapped its petals at me,

Their petal were a bright orange blinding me,

It was as delicate as flags,

And, as soft as a tiger’s fur.

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