The flowers

The snapdragon is as friendly as ever. Hos gorgeous stem is fluresent green and sticks up tall like a giraffes neck.The petals are depp dark red like heart-blood.Last but not least he has pale white teeth very spiky, but this plant never bites.

The honey cup has silky petals yellow enogth to see a shine. Her voice sings through flower feilds as the breeze passes by. The light legend stem is green and blends into the spacious feild.The great stem is a legend because it holds up the whole flower up right.

The ice plant is atic blue and has a greyish stem. Her lagther goes on for miles making everyones ears screech for cover. The only place you can find this plant is in the deep cold Artic sea.

The kangaroo plant is magnificant. She is found in the middle of Astralia and has made a hat out of autunm leaves. As a kangraroo plant she is ovbiously going to be chocolate brown. THis flower never stops hopping and Miss Kangaroo hates the sea.

The coral bell is found in the ocean blue sea in spain. His colour is gorgeous orange colour blends in with the clown fish that swim by. When she laughs bubbles float around him like someone blowing bubbles and them popping them. Her petals sway to the current of the ocean floor.




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