The Greyhound Dog


What are fast? A greyhound chasing a sleek black cheetah and a Ferrari storming down the road!


What are sad? A little girl’s heart that only just broke, or a cute kitten that is all lonely and has no mum or dad or friends.


What are smelly? A gigantic bin lorry dropping food right next to me and a stinky sock that somebody is waving underneath my nose!


What are tiny? An ant’s heart shaking in an echoing volcano, or maybe a baby guinea pig sprinting into its tunnel.


What are thick? A long story book of food that took someone 4 years to read! Or a large piece of metal that just scraped off a white wall.


What are long? A person sleeping on their colorful bed saying ‘ooooh’ and a ride on an elephant which takes 6 years.

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