what are …?

What are shiny?

The jewels on the Queens crown, a brawn new tinted car and a just derived window.

What are loud?

A school fire alarm, a police car alarm and Siren head.

What are heavy?

A great Ford Transit van and a red double decker London bus.

What are angry?

A bull dog raging bull dog when you take his toy away from him and your mum when you buy V-bucks with out permission.

What are lonely?

A red autumn   leaf rolling though the white snow on a winter day and a little boy when he joins a new school.

What are empty?

A water bottle when drunken and a bath not filled.

What are fast? A cheater after eating a pepper, a Lamborghini with a V12 and a football running to scoring a goal.

What are silent?

A ant carrying a crumb to feast  on, a robber stealing from your house.

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