what are?

What are hot? The boiling bubbling lava in Mount Vesuvius and burning cheese pizza in the oven.             What are soft? The gentle soft sand in Hawaii .                                                                                                        What are bright? The shimmering vast sky.                                                                                                                What are silent? A hot crackling fire when you are roasting delicious  marshmallows  .                              What are fragile? when your ancient  dishes come in the post .                                                                              What are shiny? Fresh new cutlery from a delicate china shop.                                                                             What are thin? The side of a shattered glass and a fake friends heart.                                                                What are still?  A statue towering over the bay in New York .                                                                                What are fresh? When you put your fresh smelling washing on your bed on a summers night .                     What are dazzling? A wonderful sparkling necklace in a expensive window in France.

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