What are fast?

What are fast? A middle-aged jaguar running in the horizon and the speed of a white Tesla. 

What are strong? A fluffy cloud holding in cold , heavy rain and an angry WWE wrestler.

What are empty? A lunch box after a hungry lion has approached it and a 100 year old soul.

What are lonely? A creepy , ancient doll in an abandoned junkyard and the wholes in the garden made from cheeky mole. 

What are hot? A melted marshmallow on a BBQ and the warm , fresh air. 

What are cold? Frozen blocks of ice in fresh lemonade during mid summer and the home of a polar bear.

What are unhappy? A lonely bee in a empty , sticky hive and a depressed teenage boy waiting to meet the love of his live.

What are shiny? The silver armor of a knight ant the sharp , pointy end of a killers knife.


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