What are these things?

What are Hot? The scorching sun and an ablaze chili.

What are Cold? An Iridescent igloo and and a frozen freezer.

What are Still? The monstrous Mount Vesuvius and a juicy apple.

What are moving? The gigantic Earth and a glorious football being tortured by a group of children.

What are Loud? A Pterodactyl’s deafening screech and a new born babies whimpering.

What are Quiet? A snoozing cite Koala and A ninja sneaking into a secret spy base.

What are Deep? The amazing Atlantic Ocean and the end of a breath-taking swimming pool.

What are Hallow? The inside of a decaying tree and an under-working pen.

What are Heavy? An entire monstrous planet and a marble sink.

What are Light? A fascinating football and a trust-worthy dodgeball with a variety of colours.

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