2 Responses to “18th October 9:30am Session 4”

  1. Firelions

    Firelions glow like glowsticks in the eerie,moonlit sky,
    There vines stretch out like a trained gymnast warming up for a world competition,
    There roots dig into the ground just like how you would dig into a birthday cake,
    There red stems are as poisonous as a fully grown red back’s evil bite mark that digs into your skin like a needle injection on the side of your arm,
    Petals hang around the firelion just like a dog would hang around you to protect you,
    The firelion stands out like bold writing on a newspaper with serious information,
    And the pollen makes the brightest red honey you have ever seen thats as spicy as a red pepper.

  2. I love these sessions they make me so motivated to write! Thank You!!

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