Busy Bees

What are easily lost?

My dad’s Volvo car keys, a miniature, *********** spider after I finally get a cup to trap it and the ball-point of my school pen.


What are never lost?

My way home after a long day at school and my treasured memories of going to Disney World.


What are small?
An ant crawling industriously across my school field, retreating back to its nest, glorious, golden grains of sand as I slowly run my fingers through them on Blackpool Beach.


What are big?
The architectural magnificence of the Shard standing proudly above London watching the people below scuttle about like busy ants, an African Elephant’s ear flapping in the hot, Savannah breeze, a grand, white cruise ship gracefully gliding along the Mediterranean on its way to the hallowed halls of Seville’s grand Alcázar.

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