Fruiterers and toast!!

What are strong? The power of super glue and stainless steel doors.


What are week? A dollop of school glue and old rotan wooden floors.


What are thick? The original Oxford dictionary and an on going lie.


What are thin? A stainless steel sheet and a tin of a pie.


What are sweet? The sugary haribos and a candy mesh.


What are sour? The dangerous tub of toxic waste and a warhead of sour death.


What are hot? The heart os a fire as you snuggle up by it and the summer rais simering in the pool.


What are cold? The block of ice in my drink and a lonely soul with only a tool.


What are loud? A now born baby and an air raid siren from the war.


What are quiat? An old woman in a nursing home and my sister snore.


What are square? Frutelers and a dark slice of toast.


What are circular? A sphere and a short post.

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