Questions And Answers.

What are spooky? A broken tomb and a haunted house.


What are cute? A love heart shaped balloon and a furry white mouse.


What are sweet? Some pink chocolate and a nice nice poem that rhymes.


What are sour? A juicy yellow lemon and a nibble of lime.


What are hot? A coffee from costa and a volcano full of red lava.


What are cold? An ice-cube on my cheek and a turned shoulder from my father.


What are rich? A bar of chocolate and a man wearing leather jeans.


What are poor? A lonely child and an empty can rolling down the street.


What are tasty? A sweet waffle and a can of pop. 


What are vile? A slice of blue mouldy cheese and a pile of green slop.     


What is sad? Ending this poem. 


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