What is creepy?

Visiting a dark hall on Halloween at midnight.

What is terrifying?

Fighting King Kong in a volcano with a massive audience next to you.

What is adorable?

Witnessing your fluffy puppy yawn for the first time.

What is fluffy?

A brand new pillow to sleep on every night.

What is strange?

Watching my mum doing a backflip off a trampoline and my dog not barking.

What is weird?

Staying at school all over the weekend and supporting Liverpool when you live in Manchester.

What is tall?

Tall straight trees in the Winter and standing next to a gigantic giant from BFG.

What is rare?

Climbing Mount Everest in pyjamas and leaping to the moon.


2 Responses to “Strange”

  1. Great poem loads of adjectives.

  2. It’s really good but try to add some more next time

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