The Ocean Poppy by Gracie

The Frost Fir, was as cold as an iceburg staring at a polar bear.

The Frost Fir’s bark, was taken from a daring dog that had once been seen in a supermarket.

The Frost Fir’s roots, were like frozen spaghetti that had been dipped in the water where icicles form.

The Frost Fir’s trunk, had been taken from the back of a silver,shiny sports car.

The Frost Fir’s twigs, were as angry as a lion roaring across Africa when the shiny, sun was rising.

The Frost Fir’s leaves, were playing being played in Haigh Hall’s café.

The Frost Fir’s crown, wept at the moon whilst it gazed at the milkyway and all the stars.

The Ocean Poppy was as watery as the sea glancing at the horizon.

The Ocean Poppy’s stem, was like the tallest pencil standing up in its pot.

The Ocean Poppy’s  pollen, was the sun glowing and looking down at Earth.

The Ocean Poppy’s petals, were like a dogs fluffy, fur fleeces and as beautiful as a sheep’s curly hair.

The Ocean Poppy’s roots were like fossils that had been buried in the ground for millions of years.



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