The Winterviolet Danced By Emilia

The Winterviolet danced as the beautiful, white snow kept on falling onto the dirty, grey floor with beautiful, purple petals.

The roots were searching around in the dirty ground looking for crystal, clear water.

The petals were sprouting as slowly as a koala going to its old, dirty tree.

The leaves were as purple as a beautiful, purple banner being put up in the pretty, warm park.

The stem was as tall as Buckingham Palace waiting for the Queen to walk as slow as a tortoise walking into the Buckingham Palace.

The pollen sneezed as it got closer to the green cucumber that it was allergic to.

The fruit was running as fast as a Cheetah speeding on the motorway.


The Rainbowpalmtree cried as the rainbow formed in the dull, dark blue sky.

The bark was as tall as the Eifel tower which was glistening in the dark, ugly sky.

The trunk was as wide as an elephant playing in the muddy, dirty water.

The roots were searching around for the wet, muddy water in the ground so they could expand.

The twigs were expanding as the roots kept on growing and growing and got to be as big as a woolly mammoths trunk.

2 Responses to “The Winterviolet Danced By Emilia”

  1. I think that you could be an author one day

  2. I really like how you described each part of a flower but I think you could improve it by using Buckingham Palace once on the fifth verse!

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