What are…

what are shiny?

My mums golden watch around her arm,a silver trophy at my managers house on the window shelf and the Queens golden plate.

What are dull?

A school jumper from Asda,short sentences with no full stops and an abandoned house in the middle of a desert.

What are old?

My big Xbox in my small bedroom,my house I lived in about 5 years ago and books in the Chorley library.

What are young?

My friend Roco who is 5 or 6 years old,a baby bird trying to fly in the sky and a calf which has just been born.

What are naughty?

My dog biting me on the toes, my brother punching me in the face and me breaking my Xbox.

What are kind?

Telling the truth to people , helping people up when they fall and helping people find a pencil.

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