What is?

What is?

What is cold?

The arctic ice caps, a slush pup from spar and an icy stare.


What is hot?

The earths mighty core, the blaring sun and a mums loving hug.

What is rare?

Crystals beaming like lasers, the English sunshine a goals for Wigan Athletic.


What is magical?

The Northern Lights and going to sleep on Christmas Eve.


What makes me HAPPY?

A family holiday, going to the seaside and PNE winning.


What is sad?

Christmas coming to an end, not being able to see my friends and a solitary tear running down a cheek.


What is memorable?

Loosing your fist tooth, your child’s first wobbly steps and a special person always kept in your heart.


What is frail?

A skeleton of a leaf, a spiders web and glass.


What is beautiful?

A sun setting on a warm summer night, a shooting star full of wishes and baby beagle playing excitedly on the plain fields at Gregson Green park.


What is heavy?

Lake Windermere, a luxury mansion and guilt.

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