Will’s Graveyard

The autumn poppy moved as slow as the pyramid of GIZA moving from it’s spot.

The roots were gripping in the compost like zombies coming out of the soil at a abandoned graveyard.

The stem was slowly moving like the Empire state being built.

The pollen was staring like the sun moving to a different countries.

The petal was red as the colour of a piranha back.

The fruit were moving as fast as the wind howling.

The flower was leaning like the leaning tower of PIZA.

The leaves were green as a tropical fish in the ocean , trying to find it’s family.

The Halloween birch stood in the centre of the old , spooky Wigan.

The roots were bumpy as a camels humps on it’s back.

The bark of the tree was brown as a pig rolling in the mud like maniacs.

The branches were brown as a worm rolling in the mud.

One Response to “Will’s Graveyard”

  1. I like how you have put a lot of alliteration in your poem and a lot of descriptive writing well done

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