Demonic Pegasus – Info

The Demonic Pegasus is a hard, cute and round creature. It is a harmful beast, with enough spikes to kill two hundred thousand people over. This animal is a inresponsive creature, not liking to see humans and animals.

The Demonic Pegasus is hard to find, like really hard. It tries to hide in bushes and attack off all souronding animals. Every 4 years, on a leap year, on the 29th February, the Demonic Pegasus is not hostile. It gives 24 hours for the unicornoligists to study this beautiful, but destructive creature.

But, as the 24 hours wares off, which is a huge event – makes a explosion of fire, as the Demonic Pegasus fights the spell away. When this event has ended, it just dissapears like it was never there.

The Demonic Pegasus is hard to find, of course. If you find one, I recommend you take a picture of it before it finds YOU. 

There are many ‘supposed’ reasons of the Demonic Pegasus being hard to find, but there are three main ones. Number one is they are all one gender, male or female. not both. Impossible to breed because of this. Number two is they’re endangered, and there is not enough to create more (enough more) for around a hundred million years. Number three is that it is actually a dead parrot ghost, that can dissapaear and become invisible – why it’s so hard to find. Intrestingly, the Demonic Pegasus is a good survivor. Only leaving for food, they hide ALOT. They are so stickable they only need 5 pices of food to survive for 12 months and 26 days.

5 Responses to “Demonic Pegasus – Info”

  1. I like how you’ve balanced everything out. If there endangered and you say they need to create more as you said there was one breed? Expand the fourth paragraph maybe say what happens if you are detected.

    • Freddie - post owner November 15, 2021 at 12:00 pm

      Okay, will do:

      If you are detected by the Demonic Pegasus, it will charge at you and then attack.
      If you fail to doge this attack, your property or yourself could be permanently damaged.

  2. I love the ending of paragraph 4

  3. I really like the setting of the story!
    Where did you get the idea of the story?
    I think if you want to improve your story ,you should check your spellings!

    I think you did a great job!!!

  4. Is it true that it can kill 200,000 people?
    I like it. It’s pretty good.
    Maybe less than 200,000 people to kill.

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