Destruction of Neverbelieve

Neverbelieve Island in Perilous Plight 

By Tayla


Can you imagine life without the island of Neverbelieve?In unfortunate events on the island Neverbelieve there are factories polluting the island.Please help us,so much is going on here at Neverbelieve.By 2025 at least 80% of the island will be inhabitable please help save the island of Neverbelieve.


The rare flower also known as the lion-lily only to be found on the island of Neverbelieve is going extinct if we don’t get help soon about 60% of lion-lilies will be gone. Please, this flower is so rare we really need your help.we are begging you help us.


Additionally,The forest of Wind Trees has been illegally cut down.Logging companies from different countries keep on coming and coming non stop they are getting rid of our oxygen.People are dying.People with asthma have ended up in hospital.People love having barbeques but it has been ruining the air sometimes the fire has been catching the trees.Once everything is back to normal everyone will have their normal lives.


An overuse of oil has been ruining the island its been killing animals,people and plants its ruining the island already 10% of the island has been inhabited.This cannot be continued.


Call 077 89765 999 

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