Kindness Island in Perilous Plight By Sergeant

It’s hard to imagine the planet without the island of Kindness. Devastating, the island is in great danger with no help. Would you step up and rise to this crustal mission?

The cherished Sunflowers that only grow on the island of kindness are meaningful to people who live there because it maintains one the worlds most known and stunning fruits. The fresh fruits include healthiness and 55% oxygen that breathes out. This means that the people have suitable and relevant air. However, this flower can be tortured to the near destruction by harvesting. Therefore, the people on the island are losing their focus and are at a big risk.

Furthermore, the wind trees have been chopped down by recent illegal companies coming from another dimension. They’ve hijacked the remains of a special wind tree leaving the island with grief.

Additionally, The precious island is in threat of pollution. Visitors have left plastic and rubbish lying around in the open, which have made the citizens of the island unhappy.

Habitats are being destroyed and the unknown of the creatures are being killed. We are in need for help know one but a clown would step up and help us. If you want to make this island a better place call our campaign number : 22344567 or email this :


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