Neverbelieve Island in Perilous Plight

It’s hard to imagine a world without The Island of Neverbelieve? But if this carrys on then it might come true! Tests have shown that in 6 years 65% of Neverbelieve will be destroyed. But if you help us, the consequences could be avoided. 


Our flower (the Angle flower) is being taken by people from different planets.Angle Flowers can be used to heal people quicker.Now that other planets have found out that people are taking them we are  constantly under attack.


Furthermore, the forest is being disterbed by colossal machines taking away our Fire Trees. They are used here to make firewood, but we don’t have to light them.The Fire Trees are our main source of oxygen!They are taking them for fire wood.The animals that live in the forest can not find any places to live and have started to stay in peoples homes.


In addition our beaches and seas have an outstanding amount of rubbish in them.Our grass is dying!The grass used to be blue but now it is black!The sky was pink now it’s grey!Only a fool would let it stay like this call us now 072 456 786

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