Neverbelieve Island in Perilous Plight By chase davies

It’s Hard to believe in a world without Neverbelieve.Sadly, it is being destroyed by sailors polluting the waters, killing the fish and cutting down trees.Killing the animals with No mercy trapping them starving them so i ask you will you help us save Neverbelieve?   


The Coaltrees are being burned down and leaving lots of dust blind people for eternity.Taking cranes to pull them out of the ground but the roots keep on filling the ground so no more Coaltrees can grow so no animals can eat there ripe juicy fruit and by 2024 Neverbelieve will just be dust and acid rain will be falling down every hour 


The Lazyflowers pollen shimmers in the sun but now that the bees are dying the flowers are as well since the lazyflower lets little bits of light to other flower if trees are blocking the sun but since there dieing the other flowers are as well

So i ask you again please just join us to save Neverbelieve


Please join us in saving our beloved Neverbelieve before its to late if so please call this number 1241463 and please do because Neverbelieve is in great danger.

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