Neverbelieve Island in Perilous Plight

It’s hard to imagine a world without the island of Titan . Sadly, the island is under immediate threat and without your help, the consequences could be catastrophic! Will you do your duty and help save the island?


The scared Element Flower that only grows on titan in certain biomes is vital to our existence as it provides healthy  Oxygen,food and water this combination of stuff supports a healthy diet But the pollution has put it at the edge of exticentian as a result The people of titan has grown ill and  sick and cannot support themselves with a healthy diet. 


Furthermore, the forest of Earthtrees has been chopped down by illegal logging companies. Around a quarter of 2/4 has been destroyed. The companies that demolished them come from different realms,worlds and universes. They have stolen the oak birch wood and extracted the precious sap from the Wind Trees by destroying the bark until it is pulped. The sap is used in medicine and is earning these thieves a fortune, being sold to other planets,realms, and universes across the multiverse.


In further news Titan has been fighting the pollution for years now as people of titan have been Littering and polluting the world. The rare jeff turtles have been dying off everyday as  they are on the edge of extinction due to the pollution.


An overuse of lava-fuelled turbo rockets has caused lava rain that is destroying our grasslands and our element flowers.

The pollution has started being airborne because of this breathing problem that has been affecting the younger and the older people and animal habitats as a lot of animals in the earth trees have been chopped down . We must act now before the pollution starts causing more problems. Please we need your help. You wouldn’t like to see a wonderful island die, would you right


Habitats are being trampled and our rivers are being poisoned, killing earth,water and black matter fish’s. This state of affairs cannot continue and it is crucial that we work together in order to put a stop to this . No one but a fool would allow this situation to continue unchallenged. 

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