What is loud? A base drum and a rebel.

What is quiet? A girl brushing her hair and a minnow darting down a streams low level.


What is wide? A duel carriage way and the Atlantic ocean.

What is thin? A five pence penny and a sticker that is shaped like a bottle filled with potion.


What is hard? Keeping a secret, being honest and asking for help.

What is soft? The silk from a spiders web, the velvet from a kings throne and a kitten’s yelp.


What is hot? A roaring fire, a steaming hot kettle and wax cascading down a candle.

What is hot? Magma dripping down a mountainside, anger and white sand from a tropical beach.


What is fragile? A little girl’s mind, emotions and a petal.

What is solid? A rock from a beach, an oak tree and an airosole can made from metal.

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