About a Space Unicorn

Space Unicorns

A space unicorn is like a horse with tough hooves and a spiral, shiny horn on its forehead.

The space unicorns have eyes as clear as a jar so that it can see from Venus all the way to Saturn. They also have night vision so that it can see during the nightime.


Space unicorns have multi-coloured fur which is space colours. They have a mane which goes from the top of their head down to the bottom of its neck. On their feet they have tough, pointy hooves which clatter every time they walk. They have shiny, spiral horns and last of all white, flashing eyes.



They live on all different planets in space. You will mostly find them on Venus because it is one of their favourite planets. There habitat is very colourful because there are lots of planets and stars. Also there is lots of room to fly about.


Most Space unicorns are allergic to astronaut fruit. They like eating a lot of space food. They love drinking orange juice and water. They are very allergic to fish.


Space unicorns do like to be alone. They are very shy sometimes. They are good most of the time. Sometimes they are bad.

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