Celestial Island

It’s horrible to imagine a world without Celestial Island. Sadly, the Island is under high destruction and is being sold for millions all over the universe .


In addition , Celestial Island is under major pollution .Visitors have littered all over the islands leaving the dirt being engulfed in the gold ribbons scales.


An over usage of boats has been causing the water to be pure black and it’s destroying the land and resources. Also the pollution is causing major breathing problems .If this continues the world would be fully polluted. 


Habitats are being trampled and our seas are being poisoned.This is a state of matter that cannot be continued and it’s crucial that we work together. Remember ,you can make a difference too! with out your help consequences could be catastrophic! Will you play your part and rise to the challenge?


The Clastic Moonflower only grows on the uninhabited islands in our world and it’s needed for all our creatures .The soft golden pollen provides healthy air for nature and animals .This means that everything is well nourished . However, this amazing flower is being harmed by illegal harvesting .Alarmingly , the wealth of the island is being at risk by this.


Furthermore, the Forest of Mangrove apples trees are being chopped down by illegal logging companies that have come from other planets . They have stolen the precious inside all to get the nutritious water clovers and left them to leak! The clovers are used in special medicine that 

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