Fire Diamond

                               Fire Diamond

The Fire Diamond belongs to the Bamazons but has been stolen by the bone crunching  Blood Aliens, who are neighbours of the island named the land of dreams. This is where the Bamazons live with everything they could want.

The Fire Diamond is vital to the Bamazons; it provides food for the nourishment to protect it from the harsh boiling sun and diseases. As a result, innocent young children are dying from infected food.

The Hydro Cat, which absorbs salty  river water,  is also being affected because they are eating harmed and  infected prey, such as the vulnerable Blue Deer, caused by the poisoned vegetation. The Hydro Cats population has decreased by 75% in the last month.

There are so many huge impacts that I could tell you but I would be here all day. But here’s a few, there has  been much flooding due to the lack of Hydro Cats to stop the floods reaching the villages. In addition, many people have died.

In conclusion, the bamazons need saving so visit our site at

Will you save this extraordinary world?

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