Help the Arctic planet

It’s hard to believe a universe without the Arctic planet but it is under catastrophic danger. Will you help it or will you leave it dieing until it’s not there anymore?



The Arctic flower provides a diet to the local community including water, carbohydrates and protein. It is being taken by merchants to sell to rich organisations and earning a fortune. It looks as white as snow and when you touch it your hand freezes in milliseconds. This flower is the most incredible in the universe.



The Arctic wolf is an endangered species on the planet and in the past year only 7 have been spotted. Intergalactic thieves take their fangs and sell them for a fortune. They are used for decoration but also soap. Currently, there are only 500 in the low temperatured climate today. Hundreds of wolves are seen on the ground dead all over the planet.



Other planets are building radioactive power plants(on the planet) to create energy and air when touched or breathed is fatal. Because of this children have to be evacuated to several different planets which are warmer than the average climate on the Arctic planet.



Arctic turtles and marlins are accidentally eating microplastics which are fatal. These micro-plastics are caused by visitors dropping plastic on the beaches or oceans which are half-disintegrated. Unfortunately, there has been a decrease in the number of Arctic turtles and marlins in the wild and conservation efforts are being made to help the suffering animals.



If you want to help the Arctic planet call 0798767886 or go to for more info. These animals and humans are the only ones of their kind as they can withstand freezing temperatures so help them.


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