Ice Unicorn

 Ice Unicorn!

A Ice unicorn is like a horse but with wings and a horn in the centre of its forehead and the horn is a spiral shape and it has majestic ice flickered wings.

The Ice Unicorn are amazing creatures because if they see someone injured person they will heal them as well as other species. they only come out at winter.


The kind, lovely Ice Unicorn lives in a cold area and lives on the top of mount Everest in a secret cave with a river full of crystals.


The Ice Unicorn has majestic crystals wings and has blue strands in its lushes mane and tale. As it moves about it creates ice dust and scatters of snow on the floor .On its fur it has specks of ice on the tip of it and it has ice blue eyes .


The Unicorns diet is crystals , diamonds ,ice ,snow ,rain.


The Ice Unicorn , is an amazing , kind  and lovely horse  because if someone is in danger or hurt  it can protect you or  from miles away so that means that they are amazing , kind  and lovely.


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