Illusion Island

                                       Join hands to save Illusion Island!


It’s hard to imagine a world without Illusion Island. Astonishingly, the island is on the brink of dastardly danger and without your help, the outcomes could be outrageous! Will you defend this vulnerable island?


The precious Ocean flower that only grows on Illusion Island is essential to the people because it provides happiness and justice. The pollen gold is crucial for the survival of creation. This means that all living things can thrive and make their culture persist for eternity. However, due to unlawful harvesting, it has been pushed to the edge of extinction. Consequently, the citizens of Illusion Island are losing the will to live and worryingly, the whole of humanity is at risk.


In addition, the jungle of Money Trees has been demolished by illegal logging companies that have come from other countries. They have stolen the money and chopped up the wood for peoples’ fireplaces. The forest has been picked clean of fifty pound notes and now the thieves are made of money.


Moreover, Illusion Island is under threat of pollution. Tourists have disposed of rubbish on our beaches and rare, purple peacocks killed by an abundance of plastic. 


An overuse of petrol has resulted in pink-water downpours that are destroying crops. Disturbingly, it has driven mothers mad as children have returned from school sopping wet. This cannot be tolerated. We must act now before the island is in destruction!


Habitats are being trampled on and rivers are being flooded, killing fish. This situation cannot go on and we can stand on guard to protect our island. No one but an idiot would let this madness continue. I would urge you to join our fight to defeat evil and save our island. Take immediate steps and visit our website (see below). Remind yourself, you can make a difference!



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