Imaganation Island

Its hard to imagine a world without The Island of Imagination.Disapointingly, the Island is in serious danger and without your help it will be destroyed.Will you rise to the challenge?.


The Sacred Blue Scaled Fish Is going to go in danger due to pollution.You can only find it in the lonley river of the land of Imagination.It rots of its scales which taste like the most amazing fruit. The blue and white polka dot berry provides protein and vitamins the people need to survive so their culture is at risk.


Furthermore, the forest of Frostrees are at risk due to illegal logging companies that have come from all over the world.They have stolen the rare shiny trees to make money they are using the special leaves to make a potion that makes you fly.


In addition Imagination Island Is in serious threat of poison visitors have come and gone leaving poisen on the slapdragon wich shreads off its petals


An overuse of oil has caused acid rain that is destroying the snow of the mountains.This is causing breathing problems with our dragons this cannot be aloud to continue.We must act quickly.


Habitats are being trampled by lorries that are coming in to collect the grass to make into astro terf to put in peoples gardens.We need to work together to stop all of this crucial stuff happening so please pick up the phone and call our website



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