Island of Candy

It’s hard to imagine life without the Island of Sweets. Sadly, the Island of Candy has suddenly stopped producing the loved treats, if this doesn’t stop there will be a consequence of Candy Rain, these sweets are hard to live without. Will you visit our website to save this beloved batch of sweets?


The fresh sweets and chocolates which are native to the Island of Candy, are essential as this delicious candy is what lures tourists to the island ,an essential part of bringing an income to the island. The candy, which is freshly grown daily,it is the most exquisite taste in the world and can never be found anywhere else.


The other things that grow there are also dying down. The nature is drying up and the flower’s soil is evaporating. This chocolate has not been bought from our website for over a week.


Alarmingly. Pollution is another big threat on our island. New explorers are visiting the island and are unaware of the high chance of candy rain. The entrance to the island has been locked leaving the tourists alone and the candy discarded. 


Furthermore, another effect could be the ground breaking apart. The impact of the floor breaking apart is that the island could become non-existent. The sweets will fall into the water below and be left there.


If you want to prevent this from happening and do your duty then visit our website

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