Isle of white

There once was an island, It was called the isle of white. A billion years ago it was polluted,  the water was polluted. There  were beautiful flowers. Also famous people like Winston Churchill from 1874 to 1965 also there was one more person who Loved it so much they died there and that was… Sir Edward Elgar from 1857 to 1934. The special thing about the isle of white it has been known as a special Holiday destination .  It is the second most populous and largest island in England. Suddenly one day people all went down to the river to get water but someone poisoned the water.  So if someone drank that they would die in pain. But that next day the only person was the killer.  He knew that he couldn’t drink the water so he thought he could only survive a couple days. The week after everyone died.  So he went down there and saw all the bodies and then from out of Nowhere he drank the poisonous water.


Furthermore, no one should know his name. Because the great great great grandson of that guy would get slaughtered, because they would think he would have done it. If you wanted where it was set it was set at Shanklin It was best for walkers.  When People used to live there that was when they would start their walk to walk around the isle of White.


If you wanted to know interesting facts about the isle of white this is where you should come.

The most haunted island on Earth! If you l;ove ghost stories and investigate haunted places this is definitely the island you would want to go to.  Despite the small size the isle of wight has more sightings and hauntings than anywhere else on the planet! From all walks of history too, Roman soldiers marching, marching moinks and grey ladies just to name a few.


The fabulous land of isle of white is in serious threat of lethal pollution that gives newborns ang young children unbearable lung problems which could sadly cause death to these innocent little children. However you could stop that and save hundreds of little children.


The trees of the isle of white forest are some of the oldest trees in the world. These wonderful trees are a vital part of the culture in the land of the Isle of white. Unfortunately these stunning trees are slowly dying out because of illegal logging happening in the Isle of White.

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