Its hard to believe a world without Eversteen

Its hard to believe a world without the Island of Eversteen.Sadly, the island is under great threat as the results could be deadly! Will you r job rise to the task?


The islands precious  yellow spotted birds are on the edge of extinction!Illegal poachers have been killing the creatures for there golden feathers.These feathers are edible giving a balanced diet of protein and carbohydrates If this goes on the whole island is at risk. Who are the real monsters here ?


On a related note, the islands moon saplings are being hacked down by harvesters that shouldnt belong there. They are ripping off the precious roots these roots keep all plants fresh and fertilized . These criminal harvesters are pawning these roots for lots of money the roots are now used across different galaxies.


In addition, Eversteen is under the danger of pollution. Tourist have been carelessly dumping waste in there there shining rivers.All the rubbish has builded up killing there purple striped dolphins these animals are priceless to the island.


An over use of petrol has had an impact on the air . Smoke clouds have started to form in the sky damaging the oxygen .If this carries on the future children of Eversteen will have no fresh air to breath.


Habitats are being destroyed forests are being chopped down killing creatures of all sort.

You can stop this if you step forward you can save this beautiful island. This has to stop 

So come and help . Remember you can make a change.

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