Land of Mythic

It’s hard to believe a multi-verse without the world of Mythic. Surprisingly , the land is under dangerous attacks and excluding your support, the conditions will be chaotic! Do you have the kindness to give us a hand?


The legendary Emeraldflower only grows at Mythic. Its most generous to give the people healthy liquid from the stem to keep the people alive! The liquid contains : vitamin A,B,C,D,E. Also, the Venomflower contains anti-venom that is used as medicine in lots of different ways. On the other hand, these plants are on the road to extinction! This is because of hunters such as : Poachers, bounty hunters and last but not least , THE MAFIA!!! On balance, the citizens are losing health and starving to death


The godly Weathertree’s value is that it gives the pedestrians rain, sun, clouds, ice and snow. This makes the population of Mythic ascend. In addition , naughty logging companies are striking the poor trees with swords and chainsaws!!!!!!!!!!


Another tragic place of events is that the naughty thiefs are robbing the soil , so new life can’t grow!


Lastly , DUMPING! Dumping has been a huge issue during the past few years. There has been constant dumping of : oil , gases and radioactive waste and human waste!! This is killing 75% of wildlife in the water. The other 25% are currently fighting for their lives !


In conclusion , YOU should help us by donating to our website. This is helping a lot of people survive! Act now or Mythic will never be spoken of again!! Visit :

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