Mushy Island

Sadly, Mushy Island is under terrible conditions. Pollution is taking over and we need your help to save the Island. Imagine the consequences, It could end up with sadness! Will you help us?


Also, Pollution is also destroying the Magic Flower which produces stripy, mouthwatering mangos called Stripyos. People in Mushy Island eat it every day. Surprisingly, Pollution is killing these flowers every day and people aren’t liking it. Everyday, Pollution is hurting the Island. Even the Mushy Queen is worried! The reason the Magic Flower is going is because oil from turbo rockets are there which have a big part in this.


Mushrooms are going too because they are being chopped down by illegal logging companies. Worryingly, People destroy the Magic Flower and don’t help to get it back. Mushrooms are getting chopped down because they then sell it for money and keep it for themselves.


Visitors leave rubbish all over the Island forgetting to pick it up which is harming the Island. Most of the rubbish goes into the ocean and kills the sea animals or gets washed up to ruin the beaches.


Will you help us to make Mushy Island a better place and save our animals from going extinct. Do you really want Mushy Island to go? To help the Island visit

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