Perfect Peace Island

                       Perfect Peace Island


It’s hard to imagine a world without the island of Perfect. Sadly, the island is facing the urge of danger and without your help, the island will be horrifyingly in danger! Will you do your duty and rise to the challenge?


The Perishing flower only grows on the Perfect  Peace island and is vital to those that live there because it provides happiness. The blue and white flower provides the happiness of the whole island. This means everyone is cheerful. However, this spectacular flower has been pushed to the very rim of extinction by illegal picking. *** a result,the citizens on Perfect Peace island are losing their happiness and worryingly, a sacred part of their culture is at risk


Furthermore, the sky of Cotton Clouds has been taken down by illegal snatching companies which have come down to Perfect Peace island from their world .They have stolen the rain and coolness of the Cotton Clouds  by stealing all the clouds leaving no trace. The clouds used to cool down the presurse island.


In addition, the Perfect Peace island is under threat of pollution. Visitors have come leaving their cars running all around our island  and our rare rubber dolphins are being killed by pollution darting through the rivers.


An overuse of cars Habitats have dissapeared and we have no water in our rivers ,no animals. This state of affairs  cannot continue  and it is a diagram that we work together in order unchallenged. I would  urge you to join our fight and save this magnificent island. Take immediate steps and call our website-see details below. Remember you can help! Join our website: http/pinkpurrfredomcampaing.has caused volcanoes to erupt  destroying  habitats. Alarmingly, air pollution has begun to extinct millions of animals around this area. This cannot continue. We have to act before it’s too late.

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