Sea Unicorns


Sea-unicorns are like a horse with blue skin and a magical horn.

The sea-unicorn sleeps as snug as a bug in a rug, under the sea in the lost city of Atlantis. It also has an Aqua man trident which is solid gold.


It has a golden aqua man trident to control the sea and waves. It also has flippers instead of hooves to rocket through the water. It also has blue glow in the dark skin .It’s mane is made out water.


Lives on the sea bed in the crystal clear water of India in the Indian Ocean sleeps in the lost city of Atlantis Which he re-built by using his trident . He also lives with other mythical beasts and every year they fight.


The sea-unicorn eats coral, seaweed, krill and vegetation. It is allergic to fish and reefs. It is also gluten free.



It will shoot water lasers if it feels it should. It is shy and only come out at night which means it is knock-tornal.

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