Shangydoo island

It is hard to imagine a life without beautiful Shangydoo island. The problem is that our amazing island is dying just like Tiny Tangy flowers. If you were wondering, there animals that live only on this helpless island. It provides light so we can see. Sadly, we need that animal because if we didn’t have it we would be in the dark. Annoyingly, it is being used so kids can have a tasty treat and it gives people protein and there are only 5 left on the island.


The shammy Flower is a Flower which is a breakthrough and if you rub it on someone they will be healed in under 2 minutes! Sadly it is being taken from us and that causes children to die young and animals to to not have any healing item so they leave the poor island but when they try to go to a different island they unfortunately die. Annoyingly, there is only one left and that one is the king of that magnificent species.


Surprisingly, Graney Grass is being affected too because when cars come their breathing in the carbon dioxide and dieing and if you don’t donate to us cars will keep coming and . Do you want children to not have anywhere to play? 


Also Windymen are being cut out of the ground because when they blow they provide oxygen so people can live there. Sadly, their roots are being cut out for Calpol.Maney Mud is being dug out the ground for chocolate milkshakes. You might be wondering why they use our mud for milkshakes. Well, they steal it because it is better than humans’ choccy milkshakes and their nutrias. 


Now there is no other food to eat because all the animals are gone and that means it is impossible to live on.


So help and i hope you call 05678 9823 or visit our website  at

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