The Flaming Fire Tree

Neverbelieve is a lonely land close to the Bermuda triangle, which has a population of just 500, but a wide range of trees, plants, animals and spectacular nature. Unfortunately, over the last few years some shocking events have happened and peoples actions have affected the island in a tragic way.

T​he flaming fire tree, is one of the rarest trees in the land of Neverbelieve. The majestic tree stands tall and strong  like a fierce warrior , with its yellow and red leaves swaying in the wind. Sadly, this precious tree is getting cut down by illegal loggers who want to sell the rare sap, which is worth a lot of money. The battle of man versus nature seems to have begun.

Legend has it that the flaming fire tree has magical powers and you only have to walk past it to add ten years to your life span. The tree clears the surrounding air by removing all all the poisons and releasing clean air. Without this children living on the land, under 5 could develop breathing problems or more serious conditions, such as Asthma.

The shocking overuse of oil fused turbo rockets is another major concern in Neverbelieve. The smoke from these rockets is creating acid rain damaging humans and animals, who come into contact with it. The beautiful green grass that once covered Neverbelieve is burnt and now ashes cover this space.

The glistening blue rivers in Neverbelieve, are also being poisoned with chemicals, They are now murky, warm, gloomy streams that are killing innocent fish and destroying these poor animals habitats. We need to act fast to save these animals.

With such a serious threat of pollution and illegal loggers, Neverbelieve is changing rapidly and becoming a horrible place that no one will soon be able to live. ​That’s why we need your help to stop this catastrophe and save our much loved home of Neverbelieve. To make a difference please call 080089697654 right now!

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