the islands of Terraform

It’s hard to imagine a world without the floating islands of

 Terraform, unfortunately 

By the rate of speed that it’s sinking it will mean that soon 

The floating islands will go too low,hit the ground and explode!

Without your help it could all go.

Please do your best to help us restore this sacred island?


The life tree, in the very center of Terraform is what powers the 

Island making it float. Sadly pollution is dissolving it’s beautiful and 

Sweet tasting fruits, which is one of our main food sources 

,also playing a key part in millions of our delicious ingredients.


Also our moon-berries( which light up at night to show us where 

we walk) are being illegally harvested, making it much harder

To see at night,which could be a huge risk for our energetic children

Who might run off!


Another problem is our island is getting too crowded and trampling 

Our beautiful wildlife and forcing our wonderful and helpful 

animals to leave the now dangerous island or go extinct!


On top of all of this outrage our native children’s pets are 

Being hunted down and killed, making the children scared 

For their pet or depressed that they lost their pet.


To conclude I think you should help support 

Us in our struggling time of need.

Remember you can make a difference!


Join our club to make a difference !

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