Black Forest Unicorn

Contrary to popular belief, these unicorns are not friendly and should not be approached. They live mostly in forests or woods. Unfortunately due to reducing forests they are sometimes spotted in urban areas and gardens. In general they eat nuts and berries but interestingly, sometimes they will eat tree bark. These unicorns have an elegant, multicoloured body and an extremely long mane which distinguishes them from other types of unicorn.

2 Responses to “Black Forest Unicorn”

  1. I am glad that you told me that they are not friendly because I would have approached one otherwise! Have you ever tried to stroke a Black Forest Unicorn? Next time could you write a bit more information and add paragraphs?
    Mrs Hillier

  2. You have included some great adjectives to dsescribe the unicorn and you have used expanded noun phrases too. I like how you have included adverb openers too.

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